Text 20 Jan 3 notes Lots of Fake Coachella Posters

Since this year’s Coachella line-up was just announced, parody posters have been flooding the web. Head to Urlesque to see some of the best ones.┬áMy favorite’s probably this one by Julia Segal:


There’s just so much win in this poster it’s hard to know where to start. I think I’m most excited about Day 3. I mean, Wyld Fucking Stallyns!! Dr. Teeth?! The homoerotic glam-metal stylings of Wyckyd Sceptre??

Also, bonus Internet points for the inclusion of the Shitty Beatles. I quote that scene a lot and NO ONE ever knows what the hell I’m talking about. And, hey, that scene’s on YouTube now too!

(Super nerdy nitpick: I guess I can understand Gorillaz being on the list, but Tenacious D doesn’t belong. Nothing fake about the D, they just rock.)

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